What does Cardinal Waypoint LLC do?

Cardinal Waypoint LLC provides health policy, advocacy and leadership services that help you and your organization sharpen and achieve important goals.

Comprehensive advocacy management helps you clarify your advocacy goals consistent with your strategic plan, analyze the environment surrounding your goals, make a plan to achieve the goals consistent with the environment, and proceed to carry out the plan.

Direct advocacy services include planning and executing regulatory and legislative monitoring, messaging, grassroots action and lobbying.

Strategic planning and communication services prepare your messaging and imagery so that it effectively reaches and persuades your intended audience.


What makes Cardinal Waypoint LLC distinctive?

Anyone can come off of the street and give you their expert opinion. They will.

Cardinal Waypoint LLC starts by listening to you. First comes understanding your organization, your values, your priorities and your objectives. The ears hearing your story bring nearly 30 years in public life, health policy advocacy and association leadership. Next comes the development of a plan of action with defined, measurable waypoints.  Working in concert with your team, we carry out the plan and assess its effectiveness and value along the way.

Maybe we're not right for you. If you want the quick hit, the huge infrastructure, go elsewhere.

If you see your organization's role in health and health policy as a leader and a driver of needed change today and in the long run, let's talk.


How do I contact Cardinal Waypoint LLC?

Use the Contact button below or email frank.purcell@cardinalwaypoint.com.


Any other questions?

Your clever ideas and observations might well become future blog posts.